What a start to 2018! Let me give you a recap of all that has been going on. First, my mom has moved in with me. So now in my 3 bedroom apartment is me, my daughter, my full grown brother, my mom, two cats, and a chihuahua. On the weekends my little cousin stays with us, and a few nights a week my boyfriend is over. That is a lot of people in a not very big place. The search for a house will begin in a few months.

Second, my daughter’s father lost his job. This means no child support or financial assistance from him what so ever. And its been over a month and he still has not found another job. Hopefully he finds one soon.

Third, my boyfriend is a chef and the restaurant he was was working at closed unexpectedly. Not sure the whole story and neither does he, but he showed up to work on a Saturday and they told him that the next day was the last day. However, this might actually be a blessing in disguise. His part time job is now his full time job and it is a breakfast restaurant so this means more evenings with me. Also he has a new job starting tomorrow and his hours will be Mon-Wed evenings. So we have weekend evenings together!!!

Fourth, my niece is dealing with some issues and has made some poor decisions resulting in her possibly being expelled from school. Plus her father has been having some difficulties with his PTSD and January was not himself. Luckily that seems to be clearing up for the time being.

And lastly the major life altering suck it from the universe…my daughter is sick. She has been dealing with intense stomach pain and we finally got into to see a pediatric GI doctor. After running a lot of tests and doing a upper and lower colonoscopy, the results thus far are. She has IBS and chronic constipation, is allergic to pork, and has a 4 cm benign tumor in her right ovaries. She struggles every day with pain and there is not much to do about it. The pain medicine that they gave her causes constipation: not at all ideal in this situation. For right now the plan is to leave the tumor alone and hope that it doesn’t start presenting symptoms or growing for a few more years to give her time to fully develop and then there will be surgery to remove it. But if it does happen she’ll have surgery sooner. It is the scariest things I have ever dealt with in my life.

So I need this to be it 2018, do you hear me? I think you’ve done enough damage so far. Honestly I could handle all the rest if my lil one could just be ok and pain free.


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