I heard some really shocking news today. Someone that I kinda knew in high school and pseudo know today through Facebook passed away from brain injuries due to a car accident. It was shocking in that “life is so damn unpredictable” kind of way. I didn’t even know she was in a car accident on Saturday or that she had been fighting for her life for three days until today. I only found out from the “our condolences” posts on her page. Then the comments of others asking what happened. A question I was not brave enough to ask. That question is not always well received. None the less after looking at her page and scrolling through the posts from others, I quickly got to her last posts. She shared a few funny videos and memes the day of her accident. But then I stopped scrolling and almost bursts into tears as the pics she posts on Friday of her little children playing in the snow that had fallen the night before came on my screen. Six beautiful smiling happy children. She was a stay at home mom and her kids are still babies, the oldest around 10, I think. I wish I knew. She had been working out and dieting, so there were the posts from the Cross-fit gym she had joined recently and had been doing really well at. There were a few pics from a surprise rare treat of a date night with her and her husband, who were the couple that still expressed love to the world. I know he is devastated. We didn’t talk to each other, and I don’t remember when we became Facebook friends. We are the same age, 32. Too young, too soon, and never an answer to why…


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