I have been in my relationship now for 10 months. He is a really great guy and he loves me like I have always dreamed of being loved. The only problem is that we only see each other once a week and don’t even have time to talk on the phone during the week. It’s all texts. And on nights like tonight when my mind is wandering from sad news I received to thoughts of the future, I want someone to hold me and steady me. I think I sometimes need that grounding reassurance that I am not alone and everything will be ok. In these moments when I am needing, or wanting really, him to be next to me, it becomes harder to see our future. How long can we keep going? Ok as soon as I typed that, and I am not going to erase it, I immediately felt bad because I know there are couples out there dealing with a lot worse than opposite work schedules. He isn’t overseas in the military and I am worrying about him coming home to me. He isn’t out with other girls and not answering my phone calls. In fact if he is at work and I call he will most likely answer. Wouldn’t be able to talk but would answer to make sure everything is ok. So what am I complaining about right? Man I sound like a needy girl right now. I guess I just miss him. It was a long hard day, and I want him here. I guess I should just focus on the fact that he wants to be here as much, if not more, than I want him to be here.


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