I am not the type to fail. I have never failed and while I have not failed, I have not passed yet. I had to ask to take an incomplete to have more time to finish class. This is not a proud moment for me. I am not this person that isn’t able to handle everything. What happened? It was a hard past 3 weeks to get things done. Spring Break and STAAR testing got in the way. I can keep telling myself that, but there is more to it. I got in my way. I allowed myself to become lazy and not fulfill my obligations. I have failed me. This has not been easy to say. I have also allowed myself to be distracted by the new boy in my life. But again this is all on me. I have let myself down. Now time to pull myself out.

On a side note, sorry for the break. I hope to be back. There is more to say.


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