I set off the new year with a few goals. I don’t believe in resolutions, but I do believe in yearly goals. I think about what I want to accomplish and then set out on a plan to attain these things. Here are my goals for this year: Spend more time on me. Try to be healthier. Get more financially stable. Go back to school. Begin the process of looking into buying a house.

Two months in and here are the results:

I started looking after myself and spending more time on me: going out and having fun. Result: New boyfriend that now leaves me with very little alone time. Not complaining.

I made a plan to go to the gym and take better care of myself. Result: Lost about 15lbs since January, but I still don’t eat right.-Work in progress, but new boyfriend joined the gym so we go together.

I made a spread sheet with all my bills and looked at my finances. Made some hard decisions and sacrifices. Results: paid off 3 credit cards and am on my way to more.

Asked myself where do I see my career going and what degree will get me there. I am a teacher so a Master’s degree doesn’t really help me much. Result: I began classes at UTA online program for a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction with Literacy Studies. Goal is to one day work on the Instructional Leadership side of teaching and move up to Community College level.

I looked into programs for first time homebuyers and other financing options. Result: I panicked and turned my computer off. Hyperventilated for about 15 minutes and decided to put that off for a few more months.

All in all, this year is starting out pretty hectic but I must be crazy!!! I am juggling a full time job that is basically a life style, a daughter who’s decided to become Miss Social all of a sudden (and she has a new crush who she informed me was staring at her today in the cafeteria and friends of her’s have mentioned that he’s asked about her-yikes!), a new boyfriend (again not complaining), and going back to school. Not to mention I have a very needy mom that requires almost daily calls and weekly visits. We’re going shopping in the morning. I am running on very little sleep and less relaxing time.

I often think something has to go, but I refuse for it to be me watching “This Is Us” because that show is life. So I have decided to no longer keep up with the Kardashians (Can anyone say guilty pleasure?) (Oh and can we keep that last bit of info between us? Thanks.) and other shows. So except for “This Is Us” oh and “Big Bang Theory”, T.V. for the next few months will be a thing of the past. Along with saying goodbye to T.V., I will also say goodbye to sleeping for more than 6 hours at a time, completing laundry in one day, and long relaxing showers. So… um…is it June yet?


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