The last time I wrote I was debating the serious issue with the new guy that I am seeing. So I called in reinforcements in the name of my sister and her husband. They were high school sweethearts and have been married going on 15 years. They have met both of my former men, the ex husband/daughter’s dad and the ex-boyfriend. Here is what happened…

I arrive a few minutes after everyone else because I was incredibly nervous and tore my closet apart looking for the perfect top that would be flattering and a little sexy without being too sexy to make my sister and brother-in-law uncomfortable. And new guy and I are in the stages still where we both look great at all times, well most of the time. So I was running a little late. I get there and when I walk in they are already talking. Just like that, I am not sure who went up to who, but they were talking. He sees me and immediately his face lights up and he rushes to hug and kiss me. He has a way of making me feel beautiful with just a look. The night goes on with plenty of talking and laughing. No one was left out, no awkward silences. He likes my sister, and she likes him. Big relief for me because my sister is everything to me. Even her husband likes him and is able to hold a conversation with him, which is impressive because he could not do that with either of the previous men in my life.

After hours and a few drinks, my sister gets into her interrogation mode and begins the questioning. He answers everything she throws at him honestly. She informs him that she is not going to “go easy on him”. She’s trying to protect me. I think that she thinks I am not asking him the hard questions. Little does she know I have held him under scrutiny for over a month now in order to convince myself that he is not right for me. He has never faltered in his insistence in seeing me. His response to her is to look her straight in the eye, take my hand and tell her “you can be as hard on me as you want. You can ask me anything that you want. I care so much about your sister and will answer anything that you ask honestly.” And then she kept the questions coming and he answered them all. Finally she finished and she told us they were leaving because well they are old and never go out and it was past their bedtimes at this point. I talked to her the next day and the consensus is that he is really nice.

My sister compared him and the way he treats me “like a dork in high school who actually got the popular girl to go out with him.” He is so kind and attentive to me. He never leaves my side when we are out. He makes me feel important and pretty.

Now my daughter knows that my sister has met him, and she feels it is her turn. Stay tuned for the update on that one.


2 thoughts on “Great night, maybe more?

  1. It sounds like it couldn’t have gone any better than it did? I’m so so excited for you! Are you able to believe and trust him? Or is that just my stuff? Or will it depend on if your daughter likes and accepts him?

    Can’t wait for the update!


    1. It went amazingly well. But yes I have fears and nervousness about all this. I won’t allow myself to truly accept it all until my daughter approves. So scary.

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