As a constant worrier of everything, I tend to not spend money freely and at times willingly. If I have an item that is of good use I will not replace it for something else just to make it more visually appealing. The comforter in my bedroom was just fine. It didn’t match my sheets, the curtains, or my bedside lamp. But it kept me warm. Did its job just fine. No need to replace it.

I first saw the comforter that I wanted over a year ago. $90 is not something that I spend lightly. I kept my eye on it. Watched for sales. Even went to the store a few times when it was on sale, but could always talk myself out of buying it. This weekend I finally bought it. I had to talk myself into buying it, but now that it is here, I love it! I love the way my bed looks, I love how it feels! I should have bought it and not waisted my time debating. I made my bed with care and even cleaned my nightstand so that my bed looked nicer. The happiness that comes from this purchase is not lost on me. I know that this is for me. This bed is not shared. It is mine and mine alone. Now that it is here though, I feel like I want to continue upgraded parts of my room, and apartment even if its just for me. I am worth it. I need to realize that more often. I cannot wait for someone else to make me happy, I have to do these things for myself.

I’ve never been good at being single. As a born nurturer and constant worrier, I am best when taking care of others. I enjoy it. But there is no one to take care of me. I need to fill that role. Today was the comforter, tomorrow who knows.

Now I need to turn off the voice in my head that keeps reminding me how much I spent and go to sleep. Goodnight all and stay tuned for further improvements.img_1783


One thought on “Something just for me

  1. I’m exactly the same money wise! I need a new comforter for my bed too. And I need to dust my bedroom! I do, however, share my bed with my son, and suffer for it. Next time I’m at the shops I’m going to see what comforters they have!


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