Time is a funny thing when you stop to think about it, but who has the time for that? I do; that’s who. This concept of time slips from us faster and faster with each day and the need to hold on to it grows the faster it flies by. When we were young, time dragged along with us and allowed us more “free” time. Now we’d give time all the money we have if it would just slow down. It is the most valuable commodity we have and yet it is the most waisted treasure we own.
I lay here awake on a Friday at midnight contemplating the value of my time when I should be asleep so as to awake at a reasonable time tomorrow morning in order to make more productive use of my time. However, the if and when I sleep is not under my control. Tonight that control goes to time. The hours that just passed with me thinking if I go to sleep now I can get 8 hours of sleep before I should get up. Well that hour is gone; never to be seen again. And perhaps this new one that has been bestowed upon me is not being used much better as now the light is on and my mind is fully liberated to discuss this concept. This hour, one could argue is far more productive because it has me writing and expressing my thoughts. But alas, can one truly be expressing thoughts if said thoughts are not being received by an audience. As my first post of starting this blog on a whim, it seems that my expression of such odd and very much relative heartbreak that is the fleeting hour is too a waste of time. What more could I do with this hour? Perhaps the chores that I am putting off for tomorrow. I am awake now; why not do laundry? Well I tell you what, that seems like a fine idea but time will not allow it. Nope my mind belongs to time and it is telling me “that can wait until morning.”
So here we are, just me and my time, and what a restless bunch we are. Neither one of us is stopping and both of us needing to. I need time more than time needs me. Time knows this fact and selfishly moves ahead of me every chance it gets. I fall more and more behind time, fighting to catch up. Tonight I will attempt to control my time and allow the sweet call of my dreams to carry me off to the land of sleep where time does not exist. I will awake with hours lost and yet feel refreshed for having given them up. Goodnight to all, and until we meet again, enjoy your time. 


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